3D print Cubify


Cubify is a place to express yourself in 3D! Whether you're just looking for something unique (a belt, a lamp, a toy) that's been 3D printed, or you want to design and print your own creations from scratch, or anything in between, Cubify has you covered.

  • Want to 3D print stuff yourself? The Cube 3D printer is plug-and-play easy, and looks pretty nice on a worktable.
  • Want to find something amazing? Jewelry, toys, touches for the home, tech accessories and more have never been like this - 3D printing means more beautiful and unique things are now available than ever possible before! Find that special something in the Cubify Store, and we'll print it for you with our Cloud Printing service and send it to you. Or if you like, print it yourself!
  • Want to add your personal touch to something without needing to learn any design tools? Cubify Apps are coloring-book simple: just walk through the steps as you drag and drop your personal touches onto a robot, a pair of earrings, or a rocket. Then print it, or we'll print it for you.
  • Want to design stuff from scratch? Check out Cubify Invent, powerful 3D software optimized for 3D printing that comes with easy-to-learn tutorials.
  • Want to earn money for your efforts? You can sell your models in the Cubify Store, and you'll soon be able to create your own Apps for Cubify too!